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The cottage is situated in the Pálava Protected Landscape Area in the village Perná, near the wine cellars. The cottage is situated in a beautiful environment, from the windows you can see the vineyards of Pálava and the castle Děvičky.

You can take a number of hiking trips, such as a walk to the nearby ruins of Děvičky Castle or visit the Wine Training Routes. Cycling around the area is also popular.

Aqualand Moravia.

Aqualand Moravia is the state-of-the-art water sports center in the Czech Republic, located in the tourist area of South Moravia with a magnificent view of Pálava. Endless entertainment can be enjoyed by both children and adults.
A total of 12 swimming pools with a total area of 3000 m2 are available for water fun, which include water from a thermal well. These include the Riviera's outdoor pool, which is open all year round, and keeps temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius in winter.

6,5 km

Ruins of Děvičky Castle

The ruins of the Gothic castle Dívčí hrady (or also Děvičky) from the beginning of the 13th century are located near the villages Pavlov and Dolní Věstonice in the protected landscape area of Pálava. Girls' castles got their name according to the three rock formations standing right in front of the ruins on the slope. According to legend, they are frightened girls. That's why Girls' Castles are called Maidberk. (Maidenburg).

5,3 km